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From Akume in Togo to Pho in Vietnam, street food constitutes up to 40% of the daily diet of urban consumers in the developing world- creating a growing need for people to eat inexpensive meals outside their homes.

The simple, yet, exotic flavors also make street food cuisine an increasingly popular dish in the West – with markets, recipe books and even restaurants specializing in dishes from the streets of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Explore the wonderful variety of dishes on offer, bringing the recipes, the chefs and the customers to life.

Northwest Mobile Kitchens is based in Portland, Oregon – a city inspired by sustainable values, an abundance of locally grown produce, vineyards and orchards, and an outstanding community of culinary artists. NMK is committed to offering the highest quality design, innovation and craftsmanship in the Food Cart/ Concession Trailer industry. We pride ourselves in sharing our culinary and kitchen design knowledge, and a sincere interest in our Customer’s goals and needs.

Rich Zeidman
A graduate of the Boston Architectural Center, Rich spent 25 plus years building, developing and managing Housing, Retail and Commercial projects (including Restaurants), as both Owner and Contractor – from Urban Condos to land development in Latin America.

“While traveling in Central America and Asia over the years, I loved visiting the sprawling, open air markets. These bustling villages beneath huge tents are third world style open Market Places where a traveler can buy a fantastic cooked meal for just a few dollars. No more than it cost to cook at home. I asked myself, ‘why can’t we pull this off in the States – great quality Street Food at bargain prices’,  prepared by some of America’s most talented chefs”.

Years later… it now appears the answer is, OF COURSE WE CAN!

Portland’s Food Cart Scene takes the Concession Trailer to the next level – often working in a Food Court/ Street Fare style that’s all about great food, great value and fun!

Jason Britsas
Following  years of working in Four-Star Restaurant Kitchens, Jason transitioned to the Catering Industry – a decade full of diverse experiences, menus and locations.

“In traditional settings, people come to the Restaurant. In Catering, the Restaurant travels to the people and their event. Similar to Off-Site Catering, Food Cart / Street Fair cooking is an interactive art. The challenge comes in anticipating the Customer’s taste and delivering excellence quickly.
 I am passionate about helping  Chefs create a Mobile Kitchen that is comfortable, time-and-space efficient and profitable — presenting your business image at it’s best.”

Jason’s devotion to excellence and personal design service is built into every NMK Food Cart and Concession Trailer.


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