THINGS TO CONSIDER before you place an order:

  • When would you like to take possession of your mobile-kitchen?
  • What is your target date of operation?
  • Is this your first mobile-kitchen, an additional location?
  • Menu: how will it help you influence kitchen size and equipment needs.
  • What is the layout, size and location of your proposed operation area?
  • Which direction will your service windows be facing?
  • Are there amenities included with the property lease: fresh water, portable restrooms, waste-water & trash removal, electrical hook up?
  • Equipment: make a list all equipment and appliances, carefully noting dimensions.
  • Your power needs: 110V, 220V or both? Make a list of your appliances making note of voltage and amperage for each.
  • Have you contacted local Health Department & Fire Department about their inspection and permitting requirements?

Spacious Kitchen Interior

Food Cart

Food Cart Service Window


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